Protecting Your Family. Protecting Your Future. Protecting Our State.



Jesse Young’s journey is the epitome of the American dream—a narrative of resilience and triumph over adversity. Born into poverty and a life that could easily have led to becoming just another statistic, Jesse chose a different path. His journey from navigating through childhood in a maze of 13 different apartments and confronting the daily realities of violence in neighborhoods like Hilltop and Salishan, to achieving the pinnacle of academic success is nothing short of remarkable. Despite the challenging and often harsh environments of his youth, Jesse was propelled by an unwavering resolve to forge a better future for himself. This determination was nurtured by the unyielding support of his mother, the kindness of devoted teachers and counselors, and a bit of providence, setting the stage for a series of commendable achievements.

Ascending from these humble beginnings, Jesse’s dedication to his education led him to be named Valedictorian of his class at Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington, a clear indication of his academic prowess and leadership capabilities. Recognizing the power of education as a catalyst for breaking the cycle of poverty, Jesse committed himself to academic excellence, a commitment that earned him the title of Washington State Scholar by the State Legislature. This recognition opened the doors to the University of Notre Dame, one of the country’s most prestigious universities, where he pursued and obtained a degree in Management Information Systems. Supported by academic scholarships and a part-time job washing dishes, Jesse’s collegiate journey was marked by the same resilience and hard work that characterized his early life.

Yet, when asked about his proudest achievements, Jesse’s accomplishments as Valedictorian, a Notre Dame graduate, or even his tenure as a State Representative, do not top the list. Instead, Jesse cherishes his role as a husband to Jennie and a father to their six children above all else. This facet of his life underscores the values at the core of his being—family, perseverance, and the transformative power of love and education.

Husband. Father. Family.

Following their academic pursuits, Jesse and Jennie embarked on a new chapter of their lives as newlyweds, making the bold decision to relocate to Silicon Valley, California. There, Jesse delved into the tech industry, a sector renowned for its fast-paced and innovative environment. This career path not only provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience but also offered him the opportunity to travel widely. Through these travels, Jesse gained invaluable global insights into the technology trade, enriching his understanding and expertise in the field. Eventually, the allure of their roots beckoned, prompting the Youngs to return to Gig Harbor, Washington. It was here that they decided to lay down their family’s foundation, with Jesse channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into starting his own consulting business.

Jesse’s personal and professional achievements are numerous, yet he holds the accomplishments and well-being of his family in the highest regard. Being a father to six children, Jesse embraces the responsibility of being a guiding force in their lives. He is committed to instilling in them the values of resilience and industriousness, drawing from his own life’s hurdles to demonstrate that success is attainable regardless of one’s starting point. Jesse believes in leading by example, showcasing the merits of self-reliance and diligence.

This ethos of perseverance and self-improvement doesn’t just stop with his immediate family. Jesse has become a pillar in the Gig Harbor community, extending the lessons of hard work and integrity beyond his household. His journey from a modest beginning to a position of influence and success embodies the very principles he advocates for. Jesse’s story is a testament to the idea that with the right values and work ethic, one can make meaningful contributions not only to their family but to their community at large.


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In Washington, we treasure the rich diversity and strength of our communities, where every individual’s contribution is vital to our collective well-being. At the heart of Jesse’s vision for a brighter future are three core commitments: protecting your children, protecting parental rights, and safeguarding the achievements and rights of women. These are not just policies; they’re promises Jesse upholds to maintain the values that make our state a beacon of hope and prosperity.

Protecting Your Children and Parental Rights:

Our children are our most precious resource, the bearers of our hopes and dreams for the future. Yet, in our schools today, many parents are concerned that their children are being exposed to materials and ideologies that don’t align with their family’s values, or worse, their children aren’t being prepared for success in the real world. Jesse believes in an education system that empowers our children with knowledge and skills, preparing them for a successful future while respecting the values of their families.

  • Jesse proposes a return to a curriculum that balances classical education with practical vocational training, ensuring our children are not just book-smart but life-ready.
  • The introduction of a “Parents Bill of Rights” by Jesse will empower parents to have a decisive voice in their child’s education, ensuring that family values are respected within the educational system.
  • Through school choice, Jesse aims to level the playing field, giving every child, regardless of their background, access to high-quality education. This is about fairness, opportunity, and giving every child a shot at success.

Safeguarding the Achievements and Rights of Women:

Raised by a single mom, Jesse recognizes the incredibly heroic sacrifice of mothers who prioritize the lives of their children. “She is my inspiration!” is what you’ll often hear Jesse say about his mom. He also often remarks that he is deeply grateful to be married to his high school sweetheart Jennie, who remains the heartbeat of Jesse and their six children.

The strides made by our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters over the last fifty years have empowered women and moved us closer to equality in the public and private sectors of society. However, recent policy efforts by the progressive left threaten to undermine these gains, challenging the very essence of womanhood. Jesse stands against any notion that diminishes the achievements or the unique identity of our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters in our society.

  • The legislature must safeguard spaces designed for women’s privacy and safety, ensuring these remain places of dignity and respect. This is common sense, and Jesse refuses to accept the notion that men–however they identify–have a right to violate the privacy and safety of women.
  • As the father of two amazing young women, Jesse supports policies that maintain fairness and competitiveness in women’s sports, honoring the physical realities and differences between males and females and preserving the spirit of Title IX.
  • Jesse’s campaign is committed to amplifying the voices of our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters in the dialogue on rights and equality, ensuring that the progress made is preserved and advanced in the face of new challenges from out-of-touch progressives in Olympia.

Jesse believes in respect, inclusivity, and proactive protection for the rights and well-being of your children, of parents, and all women. It’s a promise from Jesse to uphold the values that our community cherishes, to ensure that our educational system empowers students and parents rather than undermines them, and to celebrate and protect the unique contributions and rights of women in our society.

I’ve been blessed by the amazing women in my life.



In Washington, the spirit of innovation and the dream of starting one’s own business should be within everyone’s reach. Yet, workers and small businesses often face significant barriers. This can be overcome by eliminating overregulation which stifles our potential for economic growth and innovation. Jesse Young envisions a future where entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of a thriving economy.

Embracing Economic Freedom:

Jesse believes economic prosperity flourishes best in a free-market environment where individuals and businesses operate with minimal government interference. While Jesse understands that government has a role in protecting citizens, he believes the Reagan wisdom that,  “less government is better government.”  This approach values personal choice, voluntary exchange, and the critical role of entrepreneurship in driving economic development. Jesse’s vision is a Washington where the market dynamically responds to the needs and desires of its people, free from excessive regulation as opposed to the progressive left’s belief that they know how to run our lives better. Economic and personal freedom leave no room for oppressive government mandates and unnecessary intrusion.

Cutting Through Red Tape

Jesse is committed to regulatory reform. By removing bureaucratic barriers hindering job growth, worker options, and business creation, we pave the way for a future where workers, small businesses, and startups can thrive. Government should facilitate growth, not be an obstacle.

Lightening the Load

Jesse is dedicated to alleviating the burdens that taxes and excessive regulations place on Washingtonians:

  • Reducing the Gas Tax: Families and single parents are being strangled by one of the highest gas taxes in the country. Reducing this tax is key to putting food on the table for hard-working families.
  • Reducing Housing Costs by Reducing Property Tax: Parents shouldn’t have to worry about putting a roof over their children’s heads and seniors should never fear being taxed out of their homes in retirement. Jesse is committed to reducing property taxes and regulations that disproportionately affect the less fortunate, ensuring that all residents can afford the essentials for their families.
  • Streamlining Licensing and Fees: Jesse aims to cut through the bureaucracy that affects not just businesses but also workers, families, and visitors. Simplifying licensing and reducing fees make it easier for everyone to work, live, and visit Washington.

There’s no reason Washington State needs to spend over $1,300,000,000 (that’s a billion with a ‘B’) per week to maintain our state operations. Our government is too large, wasteful, and inefficient.  The progressive Left and big government’s addiction to tax-and-spend public policy has left the State government bloated and corrupt while leaving Washington taxpayers struggling to pay for basic necessities.

Single moms should never have to choose between feeding their kids or putting gas in the car.


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With a steadfast commitment to service and a clear vision for the future, Jesse is dedicated to protecting our state, ensuring it remains a beacon of opportunity and prosperity for all Washingtonians. After more than 40 years of one-party rule, our cherished way of life faces unprecedented threats.  From unaffordable living costs and rising crime to challenges against our core values of freedom and prosperity, Jesse Young recognizes that turning the tide requires not just addressing these symptoms but focusing on the root causes of these challenges for the working class and middle America.

The Rights of Parents and Children:

The future of our children is inseparable from the prosperity of our State. Jesse is committed to restoring the influence of parents in the educational system, ensuring their voices are heard and respected in shaping a brighter future for their children. With over 60,000 students not returning to Washington public schools due to a lack of trust, our State faces a public education crisis.

I’ve been blessed by the amazing women in my life.

Cost of Living:

The cost of living in Washington is spiraling out of control, with exorbitant gas prices, skyrocketing health insurance, and property taxes, not to mention the escalating cost of food due to inflation. These factors are not just statistics; they represent real hardships for families, small businesses, and individuals considering leaving our great state for more affordable pastures.

The current strategies in Olympia exacerbate these issues, placing undue burdens on our citizens. Jesse Young’s vision for Washington is one of relief and prosperity. As a proponent of economic freedom and a champion for small businesses, Jesse understands that the foundation of a thriving state is an affordable, livable environment for its people.

Jobs and Economy: A Plan for Prosperity

To ignite our state’s economic engine, Jesse proposes a three-fold strategy:

  1. Tax Reform: Lowering taxes for individuals and businesses to increase disposable income and incentivize business investment and expansion in Washington.

  2. Regulatory Overhaul: Simplifying regulations to make it easier for new businesses to start and for existing businesses to grow, focusing on sectors with the highest potential for job creation and economic impact.

  3. Innovation and Education: Investing in vocational and technical education programs that align with the needs of Washington’s evolving job market, ensuring a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of tomorrow’s economy.

Jesse’s plan is about creating an environment where businesses can thrive, jobs are plentiful, and the economy grows, supported by a foundation of law and order.

Crime and Safety:

In Washington State, we face a critical juncture in addressing the surge in crime, drugs, homelessness, human trafficking, and a slew of serious issues. Recent reports have highlighted increases in murders, armed robberies, carjackings, and domestic violence, painting an alarming picture of our State’s safety and our future.

Regrettably, the irresponsible progressive left’s response has created a public safety crisis; our State now has the dubious distinction of having the lowest number of law enforcement officers per capita in the Country.

Jesse Young, with his extensive background in public service understands the paramount importance of security and justice. Serving five terms as the 26th Legislative District Representative and boasting the most bi-partisan record in the legislature, he is a dedicated servant to our nation and State.  Jesse has always stood on the front lines, advocating for safety and support for all individuals–even if that meant standing up to those in his own party.

We shouldn’t have to fear when our children go to school or our spouses go to the store.

Transparency & Accountability:

Government exists to serve the people, yet too often, it seems our State government has forgotten this fundamental truth. Sadly, many people in Olympia see themselves as masters of the fate of the people they were elected to serve.  This is not public service–it is a form of heavy-handed elitism.  By contrast, Jesse Young runs on the promise of an open, responsive, and inclusive government, truly representing the voices and welfare of its citizens–each of them.

Under Jesse’s leadership, the era of progressive policy and inefficiency will be replaced by a government that listens, acts, and unites. Jesse’s approach to leadership is rooted in the belief that listening to constituents, making tough decisions, and genuinely representing all people are the hallmarks of true public service.